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Monthly Portable Toilets Rentals in Guelph at Affordable Rates

If you are in need of monthly portable toilet rentals, Campbell’s Sanitation is happy to help. We can provide our functional and clean portable toilets for short-term or long-term rentals. They can be used for summer camps, parks, gas stations, restaurants, libraries and many more public places. We have a large selection of regular and flush portable toilets, including:

Regular Unit

 Non-flush tank

 Blue exterior

 Hand cleaner 

 Blue or grey exterior

Chemical Flush Unit

 Recirculating flush tank

 Hand sanitizer

 Paper towels

chemical flush unit

Deluxe Chemical Flush Unit

 Recirculating flush tank

 Hand sanitizer

 Paper towels

 White, blue, or grey units available


Signature Deluxe Unit

signature unit

Washrooms for Summer Camps, Public Parks, Barnyards, Warehouses

Do you have a location that needs a washroom but has no water or electricity? We can help! Stop wasting time driving to coffee shops or out-of-the-way locations, rent a portable toilet and we can place it in a convenient location, and we take care of the cleaning too!

Contact us today to place your order for monthly rental

Septic Tank Cleaning

Enjoy years of worry-free use.

septic tank
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