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Your Source for Septic Tank Cleaning and Inspection in Guelph & Wellington City

Campbell’s Sanitation recommends cleaning your septic system every two to three years for a family of four to ensure worry-free service. By pumping your tank we remove the solids to prevent them from entering the tile bed and plugging your leaching bed. We will also inspect your inlet and outlet baffles. Most tanks will have two lids located six to eight feet from your house and three to four feet apart. A properly maintained tank can last your family for many years.

Campbell’s Sanitation is pleased to offer: 

 Septic tank cleaning (no installs or repairs) 

 Catch basin cleaning 

 Liquid waste removal 

 Oil interceptor cleaning – floor drains in service stations 

 Real estate inspections on septic tanks (commercial and residential)

tank cleaning truck

Campbell’s Sanitation offers same-day service for emergency situations. For routine cleaning, please call for an appointment.

Contact Us for Portable Toilets

We offer portable toilets for construction sites, weddings, and more at affordable prices.

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